In Search of Geronimo?

As it turns out, DNA test results show me to possess at least a sliver — 2% — of Native American ancestry.

Can’t say I’m surprised, most of us (African Americans) have inherited family lore about our Great Great Grands being of Native decent, and how often has our hair texture, cheek bones and/or coloring been associated to a African Native mixed heritage?

I believe in applying the Genealogical Proof Standard to my research. Given my need for details/facts and REAL history attached to lab findings, I’m in hot pursuit of learning exactly where and from whom my 2% descends!

That said, taking my father’s claim to Apache Leader Geronimo’s blood line as a valid lead to trace, I’ve made my first post to Ancestry’s Geronimo lineage message board. My hope is to learn a lot more about the APACHE Tribe and if I’m lucky, to discover a migration/genealogy path that eventually lands somewhere in KENTUCKY and/or OHIO.

Farfetched? After 15 years of researching Slave Ancestry and achieving the impossible — crafting a family history where there was none — I don’t rule anything out!

Ancestry’s ability to index data for LONG periods of time has always been a charm for me. Heck, I found and acquired the DANIELS/COBB family bible there 5 years AFTER it was posted! Who knows what I’ll discover? ALL things are possible!:)

So off I go, in search of Geronimo.


Researching APACHE Lineage Family History – GERONIMO | 11.23.14 |

I’m Luckie Daniels, a GEORGIA and ALABAMA genealogist most often tracing my family’s slave ancestry. I’ve actively researched my African American lineage for 15 years.

I’ve begun researching my PATERNAL lines from KENTUCKY and OHIO. I know very little of my father’s family, so this effort is LESS about attaching to the lore of Geronimo and MORE about validating oral family history passed to me.

Specifically, I’m seeking any historical data connecting the surname PERRY to the Apache tribe. Below is a paragraph of family genealogy shared by my father, and as you can read, a claim to Geronimo lineage. This may or may not be true. That’s why I’m researching, to validate [or not] the oral history and trace the genealogy and migration pattern of the family.

I do possess Native American DNA and would like to identify the source. Any data, details or historical information you can provide would be appreciated.

Luckie Daniels

Oral History:

“My father’s 1st name was William, his mother, (who raised him), was an ADAMS who lived in Loveland, OH. My great grandfather on my father’s side was a white man and a veteran of the Civil War. they were all beautiful people of french decent. On my mother’s side were descendants of Apache Indian. and black. My mother’s mom was a direct descendant of Geronimo a great Apache warrior. My grandmother married Willard COBB a black man with Indian decent. My grandmother’s maiden name was Myrtle PERRY. Hope this helps you in your search.” ~ DonAmeche Daniels


Image & References:


Not quite as “chunky” but still just as cute! Happy Birthday Justis Daniels!:)

Justis Turns 14

Justis Turns14 II

My Brothers Keeper: Phillip & Tre DANIELS

I don’t really know either but for very different reasons but for both, I pray that will one day change. With breathe there is opportunity. I wish you both happiness…





Peace & ease…



FLASHBACK: Turning Point Tuesday: Just Call Me Luckie!:-) {1.19.2010}


On the seventh hour, of the seventh day,
on the seventh month, the seven doctors say:
He was born for good luck, and that you’ll see;
I got seven hundred dollars, and don’t you mess with me
Y’know I’m here
Everybody knows I’m here
And I’m the hoochie-coochie man
Everybody knows I’m here
Hoochie Coochie Man

Muddy Waters

About the time you’ll be reading this post, I’ll be preparing myself [and/or completing] what will certainly be a turning-point moment in my life — the legal change of my name from Dona Amechia TAYLOR to Luckie DANIELS.

It’s only recently since I began this journey in November {Tombstone Tuesday: What’s In A Name?}, that I recalled as a child being told by Mom she’d “marked” me after a Friend named “Lucky”. She often joked about resenting the fashionista Lucky while pregnant and bloated with me and thought I possessed Lucky’s flair!:-)

Somehow over the years I’d forgotten that and just attributed my affinity to the nickname Luckie to the timing of my birth – 07.07 at 7.

But today, it makes no matter the underlying motivation or the loss memory of a woman I [unfortunately] never had the opportunity to meet.

Today is about not burying my name {which is why it could not be coined Tombstone Tuesday} but about putting it to rest.

I can admit now, it’s never held for me the honor and pride being a namesake should have. Over the years I’ve permitted people to slaughter its pronunciation countless times, because in truth, I was not personally attached to it.

I was ashamed to hold the given name of a man I do not know and more importantly, whose life path I do not understand or respect.

Seems like the more I learned about the significance of a person’s name across cultures, the less comfortable I became with my own.

For family and friends who may not understand my desire to make such a drastic life change, I ask that you trust my need to liberate myself from a name that has felt more like a curse than a blessing. A weight that I do not deserve.

I really thought there would be tears by now, but none have come [yet].

There is just the feeling of something real {albeit invisible} lifting from my shoulders — I feel light.

I feel free.

Luckie Daniels.

January 19, 2010

{Lyrics Hoochie Coochie Man 1954 Chess Records; Recorded by Muddy Waters/written by Willie Dixon}

FLASHBACK: Treasure Chest Thursday: 7 Letters From My Father, Don Ameche ~ Healing A Luckie Heart {2.26.10}

Donameche and Tre Daniels 1993I’ve been doing this Internet thingy for many a moon (both personally and professionally) and it’s seldom that anything online can catch me off-guard. However, yesterday was the exception.

While poking around my blog, I noticed that someone online had done a search for my Father, Don Ameche Daniels and my late paternal Grandmother, Lovella Cobb Daniels.

From the search criteria I could tell this person knew EXACTLY who he/she was looking for, that they’d searched 6 times on the same keywords and that the search landed he/she here, at Our Georgia Roots.

I know that visitor took time to read posts and viewed the budding Daniels/Cobb photo album I have online.

I also know that once that person landed here — if he/she didn’t know before — it was obvious they’d landed on a site belonging to Luckie Daniels, Don Ameche’s former namesake and daughter.

All of this left me very disturbed and a bit sad. Who could that have been?

I know that my Father and unknown siblings are out there. I so wish whoever was searching and found me, would go a step further and make contact.

How could I be a true genealogist/lineage-lover and not want to know all of who I am and who I am connected to?

In 1996, due to a series of life circumstances, I found myself briefly back home in Cincinnati and by way of letters — in touch with my Father.

Over a few months, we exchanged 7 letters and the exchange healed my heart.

Before them I was a wounded and abandoned girl, lacking understanding. After them, I was an accepting and forgiving woman, aware that though my Father, Don Ameche was just a simple human, trying to figure life out just like me.

Much of who I am today is due to the words my Father scribed on just a few pieces of paper. He didn’t know it, but he truly gave me the gift of a lifetime — a healed heart and spirit.

I wanted to write these words yesterday, on Treasure Chest Thursday and transcribe the last communication from him penned on September 16, 1996, but just couldn’t find the presence of mind. So forgive my tardiness.

Today the words flow with ease and I will allow the letters to remain between he and I ~ they are a treasure indeed  because in spite of my choice of name, I am and will always be my Father’s daughter.

I pray the next visit, from a loved but unknown visitor, will yield a connection.

May it be so…


P.S. Bet you’re saying there goes that number “7″ again huh? Oh well, I’m just lucky/Luckie I guess!:-)

[Image: I discovered I had a younger brother, Tre pictured with Donameche in 1994 and my site visitor was his mom, Marilyn]

FLASHBACK: My Father’s Daughter {08.19.08}

Friends & Family, I received my COBB Family Bible! Let me tell you who I am…

My Father is Don Ameche DANIELS. He is the only child born to William & Lovella {COBB} DANIELS {both deceased}.

Lovella was Daughter to Williard Leroy & Myrtle {PERRY} COBB. Myrtle was Daughter to Richard & Charlotte PERRY. Williard was Son to George & Mary {SMITH} COBB.

Checkout the Daniels & Cobb Image Gallery I’ve started!

From what I can tell all Families were originally from Kentucky & migrated across the bridge into Cincinnati, Ohio. The Cobbs were/are members of Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in the Madisonville community.

My Daniels Sisters & Brothers listed in the Bible are – Harry {the oldest}, Newana, Marcia, Dante Ameche & Raegan Lenora.

Today, after I told him my story, the Pastor of Trinity Missionary gave me the phone number of my Sisters {Newana & Marcia}, Mother – Margaret. Although afraid of the response, I could not resist calling.

I spoke to my Sisters Aunt who, given the circumstances, was very gracious & patient with me. Without knowing me, I could hear compassion in her voice & that alone put me at ease. She explained some of the mysteries surrounding my Father & Family and provided a few names of others she thought could help explain more.

She told me of how my Sisters, like me, are Mothers. One even a Grandmother! She also agreed to give my number to my Sisters, in the event they wanted to be in touch.

This evening when I arrived home, I had a voicemail FROM MY SISTER MARCIA! My Sister! Her message said that she’d received my number from her Aunt & that it was beautiful that I wanted to meet them! I’ll be on the phone with her first thing tomorrow morning! Hope I can sleep tonight!:-)

Through the Creator’s grace & one Act of Kindness (, I am healing a void that I had long since believed healed.

Thanks to everyone who has offered me encouragement & support since this “journey” began just over 2 weeks ago.

I don’t know by what miracle I arrived here & where the journey will travel next. I just know there is peace & I am blessed.

Cousin Mechie

Gerrie, Luckie & DonAmeche…

To my knowledge, this is the only picture I’ve ever taken with my father, DonAmeche DANIELS and my Mom (my heart) Gerrie. I assume the location is Detroit, MI and the month/year July 1966. Wow. I know you’re suffering Don. Find peace and opportunity in the present.

Gerrie Luckie & DonAmeche

30 August 2009: Clueless ~ The TALIAFERRO PROJECT

The TALIAFERRO Project, a community act of kindness to honor and preserve the family research efforts of our cousin, Sandra TALIAFERRO.

Myself along with other genealogy contributors will work to “repost” blog entries of San’s originally shared via her “I Never Knew My Father” genealogy blog (now offline).

Sandra didn’t leave behind children or family to inherit her research legacy. In every way, this body of work was her lifeline and that work is unfinished with open questions to answer.

The best homage we can pay Sandra, is the commitment and willingness to continue connecting the dots on her behalf.



By sjtaliaferro

Well, here I go; I am finally taking that leap into the world of genealogy blogs. I am Clueless. Over the past months I have come to see genealogy, African American Genealogy in particular, in a whole new light. Who knew all of you were out there, researching and blogging away…I was Clueless. But, I have been following many of you religiously over the past month or so with great interest and delight. Along with researching, reading genealogy blogs became a new favorite pastime. I have been inspired by your words, research techniques, knowledge, willingness to help others and, above all, your desire to tell the stories of your ancestors. Thanks to all of you who are out there sharing your journey. I want to say a special thanks to my “cousin” Luckie Daniels who unknowingly influenced my decision to take this next step in my research. I am totally addicted to your Our Georgia Roots!

Being the ultimate procrastinator I could keep putting this off until the end of time, easily. But, it’s time to move forward. September is my birthday month, and just around the corner so what better time is there to step out of my comfort zone, and try something new. It’s not the writing-I’m a paralegal and spend about 90 percent of my day writing so I’m fairly comfortable with pen in hand so to speak. It’s not the sharing-I enjoy taking about my research, exchanging research tips, and sharing with others if I have information they can use. It’s the public aspect-I am no longer quietly lurking in the background throwing in my 0.02 worth every now and then. That was comfortable, and easy. Also, I tend to keep most of the thoughts about my research in my head-not a very good place to be lately, and I know I should write more of it down. However, I had not intended to do it in such a public manner. But, here I am; ready, willing, and able, but Clueless.

I was just as Clueless about my Taliaferro roots when I began researching in 2003. I know more now than I knew then, but there is still much to discover and many more brick walls to break through. I am not as Clueless as I once was, but I am more eager than before to know who “my” Taliaferros were because….

I Never Knew My Father.

By Crawling, a Child Learns to Stand. I Never [Really] Knew My Father…

Old Bridge at Pilar

Last week while chatting [via Facebook] with my sister Cookie, something she said pained me — like literally punched me in my chest. Cookie commented that aside from our father, Don and the siblings we know of [long story!], she didn’t know any other DANIELS connected to us.

Good Lord! I’m a genealogist who’s spent a small fortune researching her MATERNAL family some 15 years. I’ve unearthed our GEORGIA lineage to return it to my [clueless, sometimes grateful] family. I’ve connected with our deeply-rooted ALABAMA lines to learn more about my Grandfather, Willie C. BARWICK’s, heritage.

I relocated to my hometown of WILKES County, Georgia just to have easy access to historical records and “Old Sage” community resources.

Hell, knowing who I am and being who I am is so important to me that in 2010 I went through the hassel and legal expense of changing my name to Luckie — the childhood monicker that’s always felt more “comfortable” than Dona Amechia, a name challenging for others to pronounce properly and one that never really belonged to — me.

I HAVE DANIELS KIDS!  Sons, who will produce [hopefully] more sons.

So how can I — of all people — live without knowing who we descend from? Are not my PATERNAL Ancestors equally deserving of my reverence?

First answer — I cannot live with it. Second answer — without question.

This journey is uncharted territory for me. There are no familiar faces here. No Cousin Elbert memories to ground myself with or Grandma Jackson quotes to be inspired by.

There’s an old bible that came to me like a petition for forgiveness — a final acknowledgement of my birthright maybe from Lovella “Chic” COBB DANIELS, my father’s mother? There’s my Father DonAmeche — distant, senior, reflective and yes sadly regretful of all the time and missed opportunities behind him. There are siblings found and those yet to be discovered.

And there are Ancestors, waiting for me to show them the love I’ve extended to my others for well over a decade. Waiting for me to tell there stories too.

By crawling, a child learns to stand. ~ African Proverb

[DEEP breath] Nervous. Open. Hopeful… 1 baby step at a time, I cautiously journey across this bridge.

I never [really] knew my Father or his DANIELS people, but Goddess willing, I’m hoping to change that.


{Image: Old Bridge in Pilar, just outside of Taos, New Mexico}

My Sisters Keeper: Newana & Marcia DANIELS

My big sisters, Newana (NeNe) & Marcia (Cookie) DANIELS. Daughters of DonAmeche DANIELS & Marjorie EVANS. Praying for peace, ease & happiness always. I will see you both soon.

Newana & Marcia Daniels