A Tale of 3 Muses Allum, Sandra & Denise: Daniels Is My Name…

Don Ameche DanielsI’d be lying if I said I didn’t know this day was coming. I didn’t know when, but I knew when it was time, the Ancestors would give me a sign.

As I say often and genuinely believe, my ability to follow the *whisper* of the Ancestors has been my saving grace in life. I’ll admit, I’m not always thrilled [though I should be] when they charge me to pick up their work, but I always pay attention to the signs and I always come.

GeneaMuse #1

It began with GeneaMuse #1, Allum Spence. What I’ve come to know, appreciate and fear [a bit] is that EVERY time Allum Spence appears in my life, the Ancestors and something “big” are soon to follow!

In 2008 when I spotted the DANIELS surname on A’s Spence-Lowry family blog, it inspired a random GOOGLE search for intel on my “DANIELS COBB” paternal lineage.

As the Ancestors are NEVER short on surprises, I was lead to this 5 year old (yep it had been posted in 2003!) ANCESTRY post – [COBB] Family Bible for William Daniels & Lovella Cobb:

From: LBlack8978@aol.com
Subject: [COBB] Family Bible for William Daniels & Lovella Cobb
Date: 24 Jun 2003 07:30:15 -0600

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Message Board Post:I have an old Bible. The family record gives William Daniels as the bridegroom and Lovella Cobb as the bride. It gives a list of their child Don Ameche Daniels and then the grandchildren of William and Lovella with all the birth dates. The father’s family is not filled out but mother’s family gives Myrtle (Perry) Cobb, lists the mother’s brothers & sisters: George Thomas Cobb, Sylvester Leroy Cobb, Bessie Cobb & Mary Blanche Cobb; gives the mother’s father as Willard Leroy Cobb and his parent’s as George & Mary Cobb; gives the mother’s mother as Myrtle Cobb & her parent’s as Richard & Charlotte Perry. In the Bible are some keepsakes and momentos as well as notes and papers from The Trinity Missionary Baptist Chuch in Cincinnati, OH. The latest date I found on the things was 1986. I will send this Bible to the family for the postal costs.


Whew! This was MY DANIELS family! So what’s a girl to do? I responded to Debbie’s 5 year old post and less than 2 weeks later I was sent my paternal Grandmother, Lovella COBB DANIELS’ Family Bible — complete with a handwritten family genealogy & personal mementos!:)

GeneaMuse #2

Sandra TALIAFERRO has been pressing my shoulders and poking my sides for a minute now! Long before her birthday arrived last week with bittersweet memories of our adventures in tow, I’d contacted San’s family to express my desire to continue her research via the genealogy blog I designed for her, I Never Knew My Father. Somewhere within our WILKES/GREENE County Askew-Jackson-Dorsey lineage, we share a bloodline connection. No doubt, Sandra and I are kindred and genealogy was San’s lifeline. I want to see I Never Knew My Father flowing once again. And something tells me, San does too!

GeneaMuse #3

It had been only minutes, and I hadn’t really caught my breath from San’s post when I followed the forum link to new blogger, Denise Muhammad’s 3rd new blog – A Home In Missouri. There’s something about Denise’s writing that *jabs* me. Could be her transparency and openness to this new blogging world I kind of pushed her into, but when I read her reflections I immediately begin contemplating [and/or questioning] my own Ancestor journey. And in a blog inspired by the need and willingness to seek the unknown, what would be the very FIRST sentence Denise wrote?

I never knew much about my father’s side of family.

SMH. Sitting quietly in front of the bookcase where my old, COBB-DANIELS bible rests and still batting back tears thinking of San’s muted journey to connect with her father, there was nothing else to do but respond — okay, I hear you and to jump online to buy my new domain – DANIELS Is My Name.

Sit. Listen. Wait.

Tonight, courtesy of my Dad who’s just getting to know me [and vice versa], I received this…

My father’s 1st name was William, his mother, (who raised him), was an ADAMS who lived in Loveland, OH. My great grandfather on my father’s side was a white man and a veteran of the Civil War. they were all beautiful people of french decent. On my mother’s side were descendants of Apache Indian. and black. My mother’s mom was a direct descendant of Geronimo a great Apache warrior. My grandmother married Willard COBB a black man with Indian decent. My grandmother’s maiden name was Myrtle PERRY. Hope this helps you in your search.

Wow. And there it is, the sign. The Ancestors giving me a NEW set of marching orders!

And for the first time in my life, I’m leaning-in and open to this, a COBB-DANIELS journey.

Yes Ancestors… Daniels Is My Name.


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  2. I’m looking forward to learning all about the Daniels line. Its been a long time coming and who knew we had a Native American amongst us. For sure your Dad will be the number one supporter of this Blog along with me and the rest of the Tribe….

  3. Congrats on the new blog, and great post! When we get a nudge from the ancestors, the pen starts to flow , the ideas and thoughts start to come together. Looking forward to know this side of your lineage. Thanks for sharing.

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