Gerrie, Luckie & DonAmeche…

To my knowledge, this is the only picture I’ve ever taken with my father, DonAmeche DANIELS and my Mom (my heart) Gerrie. I assume the location is Detroit, MI and the month/year July 1966. Wow. I know you’re suffering Don. Find peace and opportunity in the present.

Gerrie Luckie & DonAmeche

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  1. You have to treasure that. Look how small you were? and what was going on with Ms. Gerrie she had blood drawn in both arms. Walking around all strong like that! Ya’ll both look helplessly for her too. Photo can say many things.

  2. Thanks True! You are so right! It’s a precious picture for so many reasons! That’s classic Mama – bangs, hair clips & calamine lotion on her arms (eczema)! Would love to know what was happening with the conversation! LOL

  3. I didn’t realize you lived in Detroit at one point. In 1966 I was just meeting my husband to be in the Main library. Great year for me. Do you know where the house/apt was?


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